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Friday, July 4, 2008

WinBoost V4.9

Download (Ziddu)

Download (Mirror: Easy-Share)

WinBoost 4.9 with Serial 1.5MB

OS: Windows ALL

Use this powerful tool to boost your Windows performance and configure hundreds of its hidden settings. In addition you will get hundreds of selected Windows Tips & Tricks.

Optimize CD-ROM/DVD-ROM speed, speed up your internet connection, optimize your multimedia applications, change IE and OE logo animation, rename and hide all of Start Menu items such as Start button, Run menu, rename recycle bin, remove arrows in shortcut icons, change startup and shutdown screens, tweak and customize Windows Explorer, Taskbar, Control Panel and hundreds more!

Some Features:

- Maximize CD-ROM/DVD-ROM speed
- Optimize your internet connection
- Optimize your multimedia applications
- Change IE and OE logo animation
- Rename and hide all of Start Menu items such as Start button
- And hundreds more... (literally)

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